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Berber City FC Parents/ Spectators Guide:

This guide is to help Berber City FC staff and families work together in supporting our players with development and expectations, in a professional and respectful way.Sometimes losing games or making mistakes is part of the process, and Berber City FC staff is committed to growing our players both on and off the field. We ask families to join us in this mission to make our club one of the best in the Midwest.

 Confirm your child/player attendance for practices & games in Spond. Two weeks ahead would be ideal, but we understand that life happens just make sure to inform your coaches of any schedule changes. This helps your coach plan practices and games. Be a spectator during practices. It will help you see your child/player improvement throughout the season. Especially as they start implementing what they have learned during practice in to games. 

Be spectator/cheerleader during games. Please try to attend games when schedules allow. This will help create a positive environment for each of our players. Please try to limit any sideline coaching.
We understand that you want to help and motivate your child/player but this can lead to confusion during games. Your child may become confused and frustrated with multiple instructions. No yelling at referees. 

YSSL rules state, If a referee feels verbally abused or intimidated by a parent/fan, a yellow card will be issued toward the coach who trains that parent's child. A yellow card means $75 and 60 days of probation. If the same coach receives a second yellow card in the probation period of time, the coach will be suspended for 30 days and the whole team needs to find a different coach to be on the bench for the rest of the season.

 To maintain your child's development, we do not want to be in a situation where one of our coaches is suspended. If a parent causes an issue with a referee they will no longer be welcome at games. No talking to any opponents (coaches, players & spectators) in a disrespectful manner. All adults need to create a positive environment for all when watching their children's games.


 Please wait until the next day or practice to speak with your Coach about any concerns or frustrations during a game. This will help everyone have a more productive discussion and positive solutions around any issues.





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